d&b audiotechnik

Audile’s flagship system for medium- to large-scale events is the d&b J-series line array. Added to hire stock for summer 2010 after exhaustive analysis of both the loudspeaker market and the requirements of artistes, we consider the J-series to be the finest medium-format line array currently available.

Small and light enough to be practical in theatres and ‘Academy’-type venues - but scalable to arenas, stadia and the largest festival stages - the J-series rigs fast and provides stunning output with tightly-controlled, consistent dispersion. The number-one choice of countless engineers and top-level artistes, the J-series is supremely rider-acceptable, and a hugely popular choice for live music or critical speech applications.

Amongst the system’s many abilities, its dispersion control is of particular note as it aids greatly in controlling environmental noise pollution from outdoor events. Drop-off of the sound level outside of the defined dispersion angle of the speakers is extremely sharp, with an exceptionally high level of attenuation to the rear of both mid/hi and bass arrays, meaning that sound can be focussed onto the audience area, with minimum levels of spill outside of this area.

New in hire stock for 2012 was the V-series, designed to complement the J-series perfectly. Providing all the same benefits in a compact, lightweight package, the V-series is ideal for small- to medium-sized events, or to supplement J-series for delay or side coverage. We also stock Q-series, C-series and E-series speakers, and M-series monitors.