Lighting Equipment

Audile’s range of lighting equipment has grown over the years to match our stock of audio equipment. Moving lights in our inventory include Clay Paky Sharpy, AlphaBeam 700 and AlphaSpot HPE 700; Martin MAC-700; and Robe Robin LEDWash 600 and LEDBeam 100. Static LED fixtures include StudioDue StudioLED 600 and ArchiLED 150, and ChromaQ DB4 and ColorWeb. Control desks include Chamsys MagicQ 100 Pro with Execute and Playback wings, Avolites Pearl Expert with Touch wings, and Avolites Tiger Touch.

Lighting designs are produced using the latest computer-aided-design platforms, allowing us to present finely-rendered visualisations to clients, in addition to technical line drawings. We have particular expertise in designing festival lighting systems incorporating video, together with ground-support systems capable of suspending the increasing amount of production hardware being carried by artists.

As a full production house, we carefully consider the full needs of the event when producing our designs, incorporating elements that others will provide such as tents, stages, crowd control barriers and bars to give clients a fully comprehensive overview of the event. Sound and video will naturally be included in the drawings, but we will also consider stage management issues such as rolling riser movement and storage, to ensure the smooth running of the event.